Big Boy’s First Bath

 Here’s Big Boy! Last Friday was Royce’s first bath time with me. He squealed and hollered for help, but boy did he need one. Before his bath, the water would run brown after I would hose him down. He didn’t want or appreciate his bath at all but it made him shiny, clean, soft, and smell like a piña colada! I used Gallop Color Enhancing Shampoo in Bay. It is a wonderful product that helps not only with dull color, but also with odor! it left him sweet and shiny, although a bit grumpy! Afterwards I put on his brand new Smart Pak Cooler which he promptly threw in the mud outside his stall as if in an attempt to punish me for daring to wash him.

The next morning I came to find the Royce had played volleyball with his neighbor using his new blanket. At first I was angry, didn’t he know that I had saved up for that cooler?, but then I just laughed. There is a saying in my barn: The prettier the wrap or blanket, the dirtier they get it. This was defiantly true in my case. So I preceded to smuggle the dirty cooler into the local laundry mat where I kept a sharp eye out for the owners and quickly stuffed my bounty into the extra large washer. Thankfully it was the good laundry mat and with x2 detergent and stain boosters it came out fresh and clean!


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The Oreo Experience

I’ll be honest. Even with the New England snobbery, the affinity for Brooks Brothers and his disdain for the brown, I’ve yet to find much use for Mitt Romney.

But then he was outed…as a dressage enthusiast!!

Yes, there may be some sticky issues with the fact that he was able to write off upwards of $70,000 on his taxes for his pretty ponies while many of us will never ever make upwards of $70,000 in a whole year, but…but…but… DRESSAGE PONIES! One of the hallmarks of Oreodom and animals which I truly love and adore.

The Atlantic Wire wrote this week that it was Perfectly OK to Make Fun of Ann Romney’s Weird Horse Sport.

Sigh. If you want to ridicule Ann Romney for something animal-related, It’s Perfectly OK to Make Fun of Ann Romney’s Weird Bird Shirt instead.

Dressage, while a very specific exercise that involves using…

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