She’s back!

 You may or may not have heard, but Courtney King Dye is back in the ring! According to her article in Dressage Today , Courtney is once again showing her horses. But where did she go, you may ask. Courtney King Dye was one of the USA’s brightest rising stars in the Olympics of 2008. She was the youngest person for the USA to ever ride down centerline in dressage. She was truly brilliant. But all this can to a screeching halt when on March 3, 2010 Courtney fell from her horse and suffered a skull fracture and an extreme concussion. Courtney King Dye lay in a coma for over a month before she finally woke; and when she did she had to relearn how to walk, talk, and eat. However, over two years later, she is riding and competing again.

Courtney King Dye has been keeping a online diary since she awoke. In her diary she speaks about her recovery and training for new para competitions. Para competitions are horse shows for riders with physical handicaps. On 5/16/2012 she wrote that her current horse Buddy, aka Make Lemonade, was having trouble with her riding capabilities. She also shares her concerns about not being able to make the Para-Olympic team. On 6/06/2012 Courtney wrote “I’ve officially given up on Buddy”. In This post she announces that she will not be on the Para-Olympic team and that she will be donating Buddy to a college.

Courtney King Dye has always inspired me to try harder and get back on the horse I have fallen off of. She is a wonderful example of how something as life changing as a coma can open up new opportunities for a person. Courtney King Dye has also been a personal inspiration to me especially after my all to recent fall. In December of last year I was thrown from a horse that I had never ridden before and suffered a concussion, sever bone bruising in both my knees, and a sprained neck. I could barely walk for more than ten minutes for about a month and during that time I could not ride. I was extremely nervous about going back to riding but reading about Courtney’s story helped me a great deal. Thank you Courtney King Dye, you will always be in my prayers!