Hotter Than Heck Out Here!

Well it was a hot one yesterday! Sorry for the gap in posts but life has been hectic. First off today is my birthday, July 11th, I am officially an adult. Can’t say it feels a bit different, but the increase in presents is nice! Big Boy was a bit  of a cheeky monkey last time I rode him. (It’s been so hot we’ve just done bathing and grazing!) Today we’ll probably just go on a trail ride.

Did I mention that someone gave my horse highlights?

Yup, that red wasn’t there before last sunday! I can’t imagine how this person would have gone about doing this but there is the evidence!  Any way I’m just wishing you all a happy July 11th!

Don’t forget to hug your horse!


First solo ride!

 Yesterday was my first solo ride since my accident in December when I fractured my neck. At first I was nervous, Royce wouldn’t stand still at the mounting block! The pony walking by was in heat and Royce knew it! but after a few half passes he was starting to become flexible and we were off! We practiced a little Volte at the sitting trot and Royce had just the perfect flowing, energetic trot. Then I decided to try something I had never done on my own; I did a flying lead change! On your average horse this would be no problem, but on Royce it’s a different story. Royce thinks that a flying change is an excuse for a free buck. He turns into a bronco at a rodeo. After a few in changes then Royce started to become supple and had a good bend when his arch-enemy “Señor Wind” decided to make a surprise appearance. Royce ran like the wind! He decide that it didn’t matter what gate I asked for; he was going to canter! But, wow, it was a great canter. Imagine flying on the back of your best horse and feeling the wind fly past you. It was amazing! I once again knew why I started riding again. that sheer rush of joy!

After our very exciting ride I gave Royce a rinse down. (Not that he was thankful for it!) He stomped and whinnied in anguish as the water hit him. But I rewarded him with some time grazing in the fresh shoots of grass.