He’s gone.

Hi there. Most of you have gone now. I believe that you must have lost patience with my lack of writing. For that and that alone I am truly sorry. If you are reading this and you have seen the title you may have guessed what has happened. The day has come when the Big Boy could no longer carry me on his already fragil wings.  Fortunatly he has not died or been put down but is simply retired. Gone are his days of jumping, gone are the half-passes, gone are our happy bath times, gone are his bullying of all those but me. I will miss him with all my heart, but I must move on. I will have to move on find a new mount. Somedays I find myself thinking I will never find a horse to match his hot headedness, his fearlessness, and his overal carisma for life.

But I must keep my emotions in check. This weekend at a Super Bowl party I found myself in tears over the Budwiser comercial. You know, ¬†the one with the foal that grows up leaves his breeder but never forgetes him? I touched me, the message, I thought, was one of rememberance. It told us that people may come and go but a horse, horses are forever in you heart. I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Royce’s retirement home and even if I was I probably wouldn’t want to see him in his current state.

I feel extra guilty because right before Royce’s leg gave out, this is the reason for his retirement, he threw me and I dislocated both knee caps. I had to walk with a cane and I did not once visit the stable in the three months I was off. I didn’t think anything of it. I just assumed that Royce was going to be there when I got back. I realize now how much I took him for granted. If I can leave you with one message it would be this: If you love some one tell them, hug your horse everyday, when you think you can’t go further, push on, because one day you will wake up in a place you don’t recognize, alone, and afraid.¬†Basically you can’t just put in what you get out, you must treat those around you not only the way you would like to be treated but then treat them better. Because everyone leaves, just make sure for you it’s later rather than sooner.IMG_0410