He’s gone.

Hi there. Most of you have gone now. I believe that you must have lost patience with my lack of writing. For that and that alone I am truly sorry. If you are reading this and you have seen the title you may have guessed what has happened. The day has come when the Big Boy could no longer carry me on his already fragil wings.  Fortunatly he has not died or been put down but is simply retired. Gone are his days of jumping, gone are the half-passes, gone are our happy bath times, gone are his bullying of all those but me. I will miss him with all my heart, but I must move on. I will have to move on find a new mount. Somedays I find myself thinking I will never find a horse to match his hot headedness, his fearlessness, and his overal carisma for life.

But I must keep my emotions in check. This weekend at a Super Bowl party I found myself in tears over the Budwiser comercial. You know,  the one with the foal that grows up leaves his breeder but never forgetes him? I touched me, the message, I thought, was one of rememberance. It told us that people may come and go but a horse, horses are forever in you heart. I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Royce’s retirement home and even if I was I probably wouldn’t want to see him in his current state.

I feel extra guilty because right before Royce’s leg gave out, this is the reason for his retirement, he threw me and I dislocated both knee caps. I had to walk with a cane and I did not once visit the stable in the three months I was off. I didn’t think anything of it. I just assumed that Royce was going to be there when I got back. I realize now how much I took him for granted. If I can leave you with one message it would be this: If you love some one tell them, hug your horse everyday, when you think you can’t go further, push on, because one day you will wake up in a place you don’t recognize, alone, and afraid. Basically you can’t just put in what you get out, you must treat those around you not only the way you would like to be treated but then treat them better. Because everyone leaves, just make sure for you it’s later rather than sooner.IMG_0410



Big Boy’s First Bath

 Here’s Big Boy! Last Friday was Royce’s first bath time with me. He squealed and hollered for help, but boy did he need one. Before his bath, the water would run brown after I would hose him down. He didn’t want or appreciate his bath at all but it made him shiny, clean, soft, and smell like a piña colada! I used Gallop Color Enhancing Shampoo in Bay. It is a wonderful product that helps not only with dull color, but also with odor! it left him sweet and shiny, although a bit grumpy! Afterwards I put on his brand new Smart Pak Cooler which he promptly threw in the mud outside his stall as if in an attempt to punish me for daring to wash him.

The next morning I came to find the Royce had played volleyball with his neighbor using his new blanket. At first I was angry, didn’t he know that I had saved up for that cooler?, but then I just laughed. There is a saying in my barn: The prettier the wrap or blanket, the dirtier they get it. This was defiantly true in my case. So I preceded to smuggle the dirty cooler into the local laundry mat where I kept a sharp eye out for the owners and quickly stuffed my bounty into the extra large washer. Thankfully it was the good laundry mat and with x2 detergent and stain boosters it came out fresh and clean!

Hotter Than Heck Out Here!

Well it was a hot one yesterday! Sorry for the gap in posts but life has been hectic. First off today is my birthday, July 11th, I am officially an adult. Can’t say it feels a bit different, but the increase in presents is nice! Big Boy was a bit  of a cheeky monkey last time I rode him. (It’s been so hot we’ve just done bathing and grazing!) Today we’ll probably just go on a trail ride.

Did I mention that someone gave my horse highlights?

Yup, that red wasn’t there before last sunday! I can’t imagine how this person would have gone about doing this but there is the evidence!  Any way I’m just wishing you all a happy July 11th!

Don’t forget to hug your horse!

First solo ride!

 Yesterday was my first solo ride since my accident in December when I fractured my neck. At first I was nervous, Royce wouldn’t stand still at the mounting block! The pony walking by was in heat and Royce knew it! but after a few half passes he was starting to become flexible and we were off! We practiced a little Volte at the sitting trot and Royce had just the perfect flowing, energetic trot. Then I decided to try something I had never done on my own; I did a flying lead change! On your average horse this would be no problem, but on Royce it’s a different story. Royce thinks that a flying change is an excuse for a free buck. He turns into a bronco at a rodeo. After a few in changes then Royce started to become supple and had a good bend when his arch-enemy “Señor Wind” decided to make a surprise appearance. Royce ran like the wind! He decide that it didn’t matter what gate I asked for; he was going to canter! But, wow, it was a great canter. Imagine flying on the back of your best horse and feeling the wind fly past you. It was amazing! I once again knew why I started riding again. that sheer rush of joy!

After our very exciting ride I gave Royce a rinse down. (Not that he was thankful for it!) He stomped and whinnied in anguish as the water hit him. But I rewarded him with some time grazing in the fresh shoots of grass.

A wonderful post!

The Oreo Experience

I’ll be honest. Even with the New England snobbery, the affinity for Brooks Brothers and his disdain for the brown, I’ve yet to find much use for Mitt Romney.

But then he was outed…as a dressage enthusiast!!

Yes, there may be some sticky issues with the fact that he was able to write off upwards of $70,000 on his taxes for his pretty ponies while many of us will never ever make upwards of $70,000 in a whole year, but…but…but… DRESSAGE PONIES! One of the hallmarks of Oreodom and animals which I truly love and adore.

The Atlantic Wire wrote this week that it was Perfectly OK to Make Fun of Ann Romney’s Weird Horse Sport.

Sigh. If you want to ridicule Ann Romney for something animal-related, It’s Perfectly OK to Make Fun of Ann Romney’s Weird Bird Shirt instead.

Dressage, while a very specific exercise that involves using…

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Insurance: Is It Worth the Money?

 It is a question all horse owners are familiar with: To insure or not to insure? Unfortunately in the horse community there is still no solid answer. While some horse owners believe that insurance is an invaluable piece of protection, others believe it to be just another gimmick. In Dressage Today‘s article: Insuring Your Horse: Is It Worth the Peace of Mind? In this piece they have examples of both how insurance can be worthless or priceless. One of the stories that they shared  in this article is about how a woman purchased a young gelding, from Europe without seeing him first. She had, luckily, bought shipping and mortality insurance. The story goes on to tell how  the horse was found to have a fatal disease and had to be put to sleep. However, this woman had purchased insurance  and was able to be completely reimbursed for the total amount of money she had spent since the purchase of the horse.

On Dressage Today’s Facebook page they asked their readers to way in about how they felt on the issue of insurance. The reactions varied quite a bit. Some riders firmly believed that insurance is necessary, while others thought it was just a useless bit of fluff. As by Laura Law King “My insurance seemed to have exclusions on everything that happened to my horse, so we’re uninsured now.” However, other readers commented that “My insurance paid for two surgeries for my Hanoverian gelding, OCD in both stifles and back surgery. He is now in full work and sound. Saved me thousands.” This goes to show that insurance can be both beneficial and hindering.

Insurance is essential. I know the because when my horse was young he had impaction colic and needed emergency surgery. This would have cost his owner about $30,000 if she had not had insurance; with insurance it cost her about an average deductible of $1,500. I know that if my horses owner had not had insurance that he would be dead now.

On the other hand, now that my horse has had colic surgery, he is now uninsurable. Most insurance companies will not issuer a horse that has any form of pre-existing gastric problems. As a result I now face having to pay out of pocket for all of his medical expenses. The down side to this is that without insurance I am faced with the prospect of having to compromise my horse’s health care because I simply do not have enough money to pay for everything he needs.

In the end the choice to issuer your horse is a wise one if you are able to meet the requirements.